Abbey Machinery Standard Slurry Tanker

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Standard Tankers range from 4,000L (900 gal) to 9,000L (2000 gal).

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  • Description

    Produced to the highest standards, Tankers include heavy duty barrels, collared dish ends (for improved barrel strength and support), Battioni Pagani pumps, heavy duty axles and patented double trap pump protection system.

    Tankers are completed with a variety of pump options, hydraulic brakes, LED lights, 50cm (20 inch) rear service door, hydraulically operated heavy-duty outlet, inverted spreading plate, complete 15cm (6 inch) fill point, 4.5m (15 ft) suction hose, two blanked-off fill points and one blanked-off with 5cm (2 inch) wash tap.

    Options in this range include 900, 1100, 1300, 1600 and 2000 models.

  • Specification

    • MEC 9,000 Pump
    • Hydraulic Brakes
    • LED Lights
    • 20* Rear Door
    • Hydraulically Operated Heavy Duty Outlet Valve
    • Inverted Spreading Plate
    • One Blank Fill Point with 2* Wash Tap
    • One Complete 6* Quick Attach Fill Points
    • 15ft of 6* Suction Hose
    • With 550/60R X 22.5 Wheels

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