NEW Cherry Saftey Access Man Platform

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Saftey Platform


  • 5ft 3″
  • HSE Conformity, design complies with all current HSE requirements as per PM28 guidelines.
  • Documents supplied, each Platform comes with a certificate of conformity, operating instructions, and a link to download the current PM28 guidelines.
  • Safe Working Load, both platforms in this range have a maximum working load of 500kgs.
  • Spring Shut Access Gate, as standard for ease of access. Inward opening, self closing.
  • Tool Shelf, full width on both platforms. Suitable for holding tools, drills etc. Rather than having them on the floor as a potential trip hazard.
  • Weldmesh Back, prevents access into the workings of the machine i.e headstock or mast.
  • Floor, non slip chequer plate with drainage holes.
  • Harness Points, either end on both models, for maximum safety without movement restrictions.
  • Comes with tine fixings

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