NEW Dalbo Maxiroll Greenline

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Dalbo Maxiroll Greenline 6.3m rolls

Hydraulic folding

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    MaxiRoll Greenline is equipped with hydraulic weight transfer as standard. The weight from the frame and wheels is transferred via the hydraulic cylinders to the side frames to ensure equal pressure over the whole working width.
    Thanks to the ”pressure and float system” the side frames are able to individually follow the ground contours using the integral accumulator. This makes MaxiRoll Greenline extremely flexible and easy to pull.

    The weight of the roller can be increased by up to 75% when filled with water.

    The profiled well-ends reduce damage when turning and protects the soil and grass.
    The substantial 710 mm diameter cylinder rollers are constructed from 10 mm heavy duty steel.
    The waterproof cylinders rotate on a continuous steel axle to ensure an even contact over the land.

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