NEW KRM Zenit Avant 3000 Flail Mower

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Flail Mower


KRM Zenit Avant 3000 Flail Mower

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  • Specification

    • 3m wide
    • 1000 rpm PTO
    • 1822 rpm Rotor Speed
    • 5 V Belts
    • 32 Flails
    • 1030kg Weight
    • 60-90 hp Tractor

  • Description

    The Zenit Avant is a heavy duty flail mower for larger areas of set-aside, pasture topping, roadside verges, orchards and bridle ways. All Zenit Avant machines are fitted with a high power gear box, double skin and robust drive line to give hassle free mowing. The Zenit Avant is equipped with a double head stock allowing it to be front or rear mounted. The Avant is fitted with a replaceable wear sheet to prevent damage to the hood and increase the life of the machine. For safety reasons the rear off the Avant is sealed.

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