NEW Kuhn GA 8131 Rake

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Robustness meets comfort

GA 7631, GA 8131, GA 8731 and GA 9531 twin rotor rakes deliver central swaths.

Grass is raked across a width of 7.70 m to 9.30 m.

They are ideal for intensive operations thanks to their MASTERDRIVE GIII gearbox.


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    The GA 7631, GA 8131, GA 8731 and GA 9531 semi-mounted rakes stand out from the competing models in their robustness, reliability and ground adaption.

    With working widths of 7.50 to 9.30 m, the workflow will be high while keeping an excellent ground following.

    With the MASTERDRIVE GIII rotor drive, these rakes are well prepared for use in difficult conditions. You form uniform swaths with a structure that promotes aeration and pick-up by the following harvesting equipment.

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