New Manitou MLT 741- 140V+

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MLT 741-140V+


MLT 741- 140V+ 

M-Vario Plus
You can now reach up to 40 kph smoothly and without changing gear! This continuous variable transmission (CVT) consists of two hydraulic engines with radial pistons powered by a hydraulic pump. At low speeds, the two engines are active. The tractive power is therefore comparable to that of a torque converter transmission. At high speeds, only one engine is active. The maximum speed is reached with no loss of energy so that a high tractive power is retained. Fuel consumption is optimized and the sound pollution caused by the transmission is reduced. Combining precision and performance, M-Vario Plus is easy-to-use, even for the most inexperienced users.

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  • Description

    Two operating modes
    • “Comfort ” mode For more precise operations. This mode is perfect for setting down loads.
    • “Dynamic” mode Your MLT will be more responsive during loading operations.
    Inching function This function allows you to speed up the movements of the boom as you gradually reduce the telehandler’s forward speed.
    Eco mode The engine speed is optimized while guaranteeing high performances. Fuel consumption and sound pollution are greatly reduced.
    Redesigned visibility
    The models of the NewAg series feature exceptional visibility. The angle of each slat of the roof structure has been meticulously adjusted in relation to the lifting height to offer you a clear view of the load, regardless of its position. The relatively low position of the boom articulation point and the one-piece windscreen offer you 360° visibility, guaranteeing your safety and the safety of those around you.
    Easy-access cab
    The access to the driving station has been entirely redesigned. This model offers cab access via a proper set of steps. The non-skid step and large handles on the telehandler column make it even easier to climb up and down.
    Automatic radiator dust removal system
    The “automatic* radiator dust removal” system reverses the air flow every three minutes (for 15 seconds) regardless of the engine speed. Cooling is always optimal, especially in very dusty environments, notably in the presence of straw, chicken manure, and so on.
    Manitou works hard to make your working day easier!
    Exclusive to MANITOU, the JSM® on the suspended armrest allows you to operate in complete safety and without getting tired by carrying out every movement with one hand: raise and lower the boom, extend and retract the boom, scoop and lift the bucket, hydraulically move the attachments, and also reverse the machine. One hand stays on the wheel so you keep total control over your machine.

  • Specification

    Deutz Stage 4 engine – 136 hp
    4100kg lift capacity to 6.9m height
    M-Vario Plus Hydrostatic CVT transmission
    Elite cab spec
    LED Worklights
    Hydraulic locking
    Auto Reversing Fan
    JSM Joystick
    460/70 R24 XMCL Michelin Tyres
    Air conditioning
    Grammer Air Seat, active suspension
    Boom suspension active CRC

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