NEW Shelbourne Powermix Plus 18m3

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Shelbourne 18m3 Powermix Plus


New Shelbourne Powermix Plus 18m3

The 18m³ Powermix Plus is a compact twin auger diet feeder it has a capacity of approximately 9000kg depending upon the dry matter of the feed. It is a short coupled single axle machine able to navigate around tight buildings and requires a 120HP tractor. The front mounted express conveyor is standard which allows feed to be elevated to either side of the machine to a height of 1.5m.

Smooth scrolled auger flighting for greater wear resistance and lower power requirement


DG-600 Programmable Scale

Vari-speed conveyor

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  • Specification

    12.5mm thick S500 lower tub wall
    15mm thick S500 auger
    Removable auger wear plates
    Front mounted ladder and viewing platform
    Rear LED road lights
    Front mounted scale can be viewed from both sides
    Steel straw ring
    Smooth tub shape for faster bale processing and mixing
    3 x 90mm load cells
    Hydraulic brakes
    Direct Coupled hydraulics
    2 speed gearbox with manual control
    Standard Single axle tyres: 435/50 R19.5

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