Agricultural Cooling Fan F2

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Agricultural Cooling Fan F2


For P2 Pedestals

1ph, 1.5HP, 1.1kW
3ph, 1.5HP, 1.1kW

6″ (150mm) inlet, square outlet, aluminium body with handles

P2 Pedestal and F2 Fan

  • The P2 Pile-Dry Pedestal is for crops stored between 2.5 and 3m deep. It can be extended up to 4.8m if the crop is surcharged
  • One P2 should be positioned in the centre of each 6m x 6m floor area
  • If stored grain is above c.18% moisture move the Pedestals closer together and store no more than 3m deep

Use at least one agricultural grain cooling fan per four Pedestals. The fans are moved between Pedestals as cooling progresses.

Use more crop cooling fans for faster cooling or for drying, and to make the best use of suitable ambient air when it is available.

The same spacings apply for all crops. Use hessian sleeves for small seeds such as oilseed rape or grass seed.


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