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Richard Western


Heavy duty tipping trailers with a nationwide reputation for strength and durability, the Suffolk Silage Trailer is designed to carry maximum payloads even in difficult conditions, enabling you to maximise efficiency.

Our silage-side kits are designed to fit the standard Suffolk Trailer, giving you a taller trailer body with increased cubic capacity for low density materials.

Available in 11 to 24 tonne models with impressive standard features and a range of options, you can build the Suffolk Silage Trailer to suit your needs.

Suitable for silage, grain and general purpose haulage.

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  • Specification

    • Monocoque tapered body with 4mm floor and 3mm sides
    • Side-loading silage sides with deflector boards
    • 55 degree tipping body with anti-corrosive tipping rams
    • Hydraulic tailgate with rubber seal, auto lock and hydraulic safety check valve
    • 2.0m axle track, 10 stud commercial axles
    • Hydraulic or air brakes with load sensing valves
    • LED road lights and side markers with indication ballast control
    • Height adjustable sprung drawbar and heavy-duty mono leaf springs using radius arms with replaceable bushes
    • Inspection ladder
    • Body prop
    • Chassis shock absorption pads

  • Optional extras

    • 6mm floor and 4mm sides
    • Dual brakes – Hydraulic and air brakes with load sensing valve
    • Range of flotation tyres to suit your needs
    • ABS on air brakes
    • Auto slack adjusters
    • Work lights complete with pressure switch from tip circuit
    • Rear steering axle with hydraulic lock-out or active steering axle
    • Headboard mounted hydraulic roll over sheeting system
    • Load cell weighing equipment c/w trailer mounted display, 4 load cells
    • Hydraulic pressure load electric indicator kit
    • Hydraulic folding auger
    • 8 bolt flange bolt-on swivel eye or K80 spoon
    • 8 bolt flange bolt-on 50mm eye
    • Weld on swivel eye
    • Rear towing out points
    • Rear drawbar c/w brakes and electrics

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