Drill Filler / Meal Pellet Feeder

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Richard Western


The Richard Western hydraulically driven hopper trailer is designed for livestock and arable duties. It is the ideal machine to be used for a seed drill tender or re-stocking feed on an outdoor pig unit. The hydraulic motor is controlled by a rope from the auger end of the filling auger. To give access to the top of the hopper, a ladder and mesh grid are provided. A waterproof cover is also supplied.

DF12 & DF16 have a trough type hopper with feed auger.

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  • Specification

    • Hydraulic driven unloading auger
    • Hydraulic brakes and parking brake
    • Roll over waterproof cover
    • Ladder and mesh grid
    • LED road lights with indicator ballast control
    • Single or tandem axle option for DF10

  • Optional Extras

    • Flashing LED beacon
    • LED work lights
    • Centre divider – knife gate for each compartment
    • Heavy duty mudguards
    • Remote control complete with spool valve
    • Extensions for DF10 for auger or hopper

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