Bale Trailers

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Richard Western


A range of tandem and tri-axle, flatbed trailers designed with an integrated platform and chassis to provide maximum strength and reduce twisting.

#All trailers have a 4.5mm steel chequered plate platform, an integrated strap storage box on the kerb side, and sockets front and rear for headboard and ladders.

A removable 2ft headboard is standard and comes with sockets for a front bale ladder.

Trailers fitted with 445/45R19.5 wheels are available with a low rider platform.

The reduced platform height is ideal for maximising pay-loads or mounting livestock containers.

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  • Specification

    • 4.5mm steel chequered plate platform
    • 2ft removable headboard
    • Sprung drawbar
    • 2.0m axle track
    • Hydraulic or air brakes with load sensing valves
    • LED road lights and side markers with indicator ballast
    • Strap storage box
    • 385/65R22.5 Remould wheels

  • Optional extras

    • Bale ladders.
    • Steering axle
    • Raised edges
    • Drop side walkway
    • Hydraulic box pusher
    • Roll over sheeting system
    • Low rider platform
    • Range of flotation tyres to suit your needs.
    • Dual brakes – Hydraulic and air brakes with load sensing valves
    • ABS on air brakes
    • Auto slack adjusters
    • Rear T-bar

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