Grain Chaser Trailers

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Richard Western


The harvest chaser bin is designed for high output combine harvesting with impressive standard features, giving you maximum operating efficiency while minimising ground compaction using low ground pressure tyres. The variable height and reach auger with direction control on the hood gives you flexibility and efficiency when unloading. The low centre of gravity provides excellent stability when operating on sloping ground or towing at speed.

Available in 16, 20 and 28 tonne models. The bins run on tandem or tri-axles with mono leaf spring suspension and a sprung drawbar. Choose from one of two models: the tandem axle GRS16 and GRS20 with rear steering axle, or the GRS28 with front and rear steering axles.

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  • Specification

    • Sprung drawbar with swivel eye
    • Air and hydraulic brakes with load sensing valves.
    • Hydraulic floor auger slide.
    • Unloading auger with variable angle and direction control
    • PTO driven horizontal and unload auger
    • Wide angled PTO shaft (540 RPM) 6 spline shaft
    • Perspex windows, inspection ladder and rear operator platform
    • LED road lights and reflectors, LED beacon, auger light
    • Parking brake and parking skid
    • Roll over sheet.
    • Dump hatch
    • Chain lubrication system
    • Mudguards and mud flaps
    • Top of unloading auger with changing angle (Hydraulic)

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